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Tiger Electronic Toys

Looking for a tiger electronic handheld memory matching sound and light game from 1996? we have just what you need! This game works perfect without any wire-free ver. 0 or 2. 1 support, and is available for purchase at our store.

Discount Tiger Electronic Toys Price

The tiger electronic rock em sock em robots game toy is a fun and exciting game for the kiddos to play. These little robots are incredible and are amazing for fighting games or for playing with friends. The game toy has all the features of the midway mortal kombat tiger electronic rock toy and more, so the kiddos will love it!
this is a delicious copy of tiger electronic toys' computer baseball handheld game from 1979! The game is still in great condition with no any tears or damage. The game is worked perfectly and is still working great with no issues. This is a great choice for any gaming need!
this is a mighty max handheld electronic tiger. It is a 1993 bluebird and it is really good quality. It is made by mighty max and it comes with an adjustable lens. The tiger is very cute and it is a great toy for children. It is good for ages six years old and up.